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Undeniable Connection

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January 6th, 2010

02:04 pm - Bridges of Love- 5
Chapter 5**************

Morning came in a blink of an eye Alex and Olivia were snuggled together very much the same way they had when they went to bed that night. The sound of the Alarm clock blared them awake at 6:30 AM. Alex was the first to stir from her oh to sweet slumber and immediately felt the arms surrouding her waist and the slight weezing of the burnette holding her. She closed her eyes and thanked whatever good Mystical force made her take a chance last night and kiss this woman that is her entire life.

Gently turning around as to not wake the sleeping beauty beside her, she just looked at her ‘she so beautiful’ Alex thought running a finger through a strand of hair that was covering the other womans face. Olivia stirred at the light touch and slowly opend her eyes to see beautiful blue ones looking at her, she gave Alex a sleepy smile. “Good Morning.” Olivia greeted, her voice still heavy with sleep.” Morning.” Alex said with an matching smile.”If i don’t get up from this bed I’m going to be late for work.” Alex said regretfully before getting out of bed.

Olivia layed awake just watching Alex move gracefully around the bedroom, Olivia thought she look absoulutely beautiful even in the morning hours, no makeup her hair sticking every which way she was a site to behold. Alex went to her dresser and pull out a silk robe she placed ove her two piece short silk PJ. “Going to make some coffee, coming?” She ask the burnette still laying in bed wearing a goofey smile almost in trans like state. Olivia got up and started looking to see where in Gods world did she leave her pants and shirt (not that she was naked) when she change into some sleep wear Alex provide the night before.

She decided to fore go the search and went straight to the kitchen to get her morning picker upper. She wasn’t sure at this moment if it was going to be coffee or the beauty in the kitchen. Walking into the kichen Alex had the coffee brewing and was currently head first in the refrigerator scrambling through eatable items, Taking out cold cuts and cheese followed by some slice bread.

“ What are you doing?” Ask Olivia streching out the kinks in her back.

“ Breakfast, go sit and i will bring it in a minute.” Alex said looking and smiling at Olivia. She could do this for the rest of her life, wake up to see this woman everyday cooking her meals and coffee in the mornings. She knew they had to talk about last night and what it meant but she wants to hold that off for a little bit and just enjoy the moment.

“ You don’t have to do me breakfast Alex.”

“ I know but I want to.” Alex assured her.

“ Ok but something quick cause I have to be at work by 8.” Olivia said heading to the small dining table.

“ Do you like eggs?” Alex hollered from the kitchen.

“ Sure!” Olivia confirmed.

Alex came out the kitchen 7 minutes later carrying a tray with two Omelet sandwiches topped with honey ham and cheese and fresh brewed coffee.

“ Wow! That look great! ’ Olivia complimented. “ Thank you.”

“ Bon Appétit! ” Alex said cheerfully. She usually wasn't the cheery type in the early morning hour, but today was different. The Night was great and the morning was even greater.

" That was delicious and I have to run cause I need a shower and a change of clothes before I head back to work." Getting up and cleaning her hands in a napkin Olivia head to change her clothes. Alex cleaned up the table and waited till Olivia was finish which wasn't long.

" Well I am heading out, I will see you later at work Ok?" Olivia said strapping her gun and badge in its usual places.

"Ok, call me so we can arrange for tonight." Alex said saw Olivia off and head to her bedroom to get ready for work.

Mr. & Mrs. Cabot Residence: 5:30 PM

Mrs. Cabot was making sure everything was set and well prepared for diner, from the menu to the utensils, wine glasses and cloth napkins.

"Elenore! I need someone to take care of the flower arrangements around the dinning area. " Mrs Cabot said to her head servant.

" Yes Mame!"Agree the maid and left in the direction of the kitchen to get some of the others to help her set things like Mrs. Cabot ordered.

" Christopher! Christopher!" Mrs. Cabot yelled for her Husband.

" Quite! old lady I can her you perfectly fine." Said Mr.Cabot as he travel down the flight of stair.

" What in god name is taking you so long? I swear the older you get the slower you get."

: "Your looking a little on the pale side sweetheart. Are you feeling ok?" She ask her husband looking him over and fixing his tie.

"I am fine darling just a little run down. i'll be fine" He dismissed with a shrug.

" Mame, everything is ready and set." Said the maid.

" Ok Eleanor, My Daughter and guests should be here soon." She said and dismissed the maid.

6:45 PM*******************

Ding Dong came the sound of the door bell. The first guest to arrive was Micheal and his parents Joceline & Robert Betancourt.

" So punctual as always." Greeted Alise Cabot.

" What can I say I'm a creature of habit." Said Micheal to Mrs. Cabot.

" My daughter should be her any minute." Mrs Cabot said giving Micheal a look.

" Hello Christopher how is business these days?" Ask Micheal his fake smile not amusing the older Cabot.

" Business is fine Micheal, Thanks for asking." Christopher answered dryly."Why don't we move on to the living room while we wait for the rest of the guests to get here?"  He finished ushering them in the direction of the living room.

As soon as they took a seat the door bell rang  once again." I'll get that." said Mr.Cabot and headed for the door. On his way to the door he was force to slow down as a strong chest pain invaded his body, he lean on a wall near to the door and sent a prayer to the Lord to take the pain away. He force himself to calm down and as soon as he was he opened the door to reveal his daughter and Olivia. " My two favorite girls come on in." he greeted.

" Hi Dad!" Alex greeted and hugged her father. Olivia follow with a kiss and a hug also.

" Looking might handsome tonight sir." Olivia complimented the older man.

" Thank you darling, you don't look bad yourself." Said Mrs.Cabot holding on to Olivia's hand appreciatively.

" What am I chop liver?" Alex said with a slight pout.

" Honey you look specially adorable, but you know that." He smiles at her.

"He look at Olivia " You know when she was about 7 she use to strike a pose whenever we took a photo together." He said conspiratorially at Olivia.

" I will love to hear all about it." Olivia said interested.

" Oh no no no no no, no childhood stories dad!" Alex interjected mortified.
He smiled at her and raised his hand in surrender.As soon as he lower his hand he realized that was a bad idea as the pain shutting through his arm was unbearable and he tried his best to disguised his pain with a smothering smile.

They final reach the living room where the rest of the guest were waiting. Mrs. Cabot was the first to notice them. " Oh my daughter is here." she announced loudly enough and unnecessarily. Micheal immediately got up and approach Alex. " Hello Alex." He said kissing her hand. Alex cringe at the contact and rapidly withdrew her hand from his grasp. Olivia's glare was deadly you could have cut her with a knife and sure would not bleeding. But she kept a tight hold on her growing anger. Micheal totally ignored Olivia. Alex said her greeting to Micheal parents and introduce Olivia as her best friend.

" Well since all the introductions are over with, why don't we go and have dinner." said Mr. Cabot seeing that the tension in the room was sky rocking to dangerous proportions.

" Shall we?" Said Mrs Cabot leading the way. Alise began assigning seat and Mrs.Cabot hurriedly pullout Olivia's seat right next to Alex Knowing his wife would attempt to sit Micheal next to Alex and knowing Alex short fuse when pushed he advance to the action first.

Micheal face looked like he was sucker punch in the gut.He had plans on wining over the old man but as far as he can see he was taken by the Dyke sitting next to Alex.' Old fool ' He thought as he survey the table.  '  Don't you know that relationship will never be accepted.' At least I have your mom in my pocket and she will be my ally She knows how important it is to united both fortunes. Your are heiress to a lot of dough and no two bit detective dyke is getting in may way.'  His thoughts were interrupted when the maid started setting the meal on the table." So Miss Benson where is your Family from?" Micheal intentionally started making conversation.

Olivia reaction was like a deer caught on the headlights. She put the fork down and nipped her mouth with the napkin all the while Alex expression equal Olivia's own and she stretched her hand and laid it on the detectives leg.The connection they have is so intense all they need was a look to convey what the other wanted to say. A look that meant (You don't have to answer that) which Olivia understood and her look that told Alex (It was ok) and that she is viable to handle his questions.

" I have no Family, there was my Mother but she gone now. Olivia said simply.

" Gone where?" He insisted.

" She died a year ago." Olivia answer her expression somber.

" So you really don'y belong anywhere." his expression wicked when he felt he just delivered a blow.

" yes she does, we are her family." interjected the older Cabot annoyed at Micheal's questioning. Olivia look and Mrs.Cabot with renewed appreciation.
Alex was over joyed at Micheal's unbelievable expression.' go dad! ' was Alex cheery thoughts.

Dinner had conclude and everyone was mingling around in different parts of the house. Ale, Olivia and Christopher were bunched up in a corner engaged in conversation.

" Thank you." said Olivia to Christopher.

" I didn't say nothing I didn't feel, but your welcome." he said simply.

" That was like a punch to the gonads. Alex said snickering.

Well I am going to retire to my room, I am feeling a little worn out, you girl don't stay out to late. Ok?" Finished with a wink and gave Olivia a hug and the Alex. He seem to hold on to Alex a little longer than usual. Separating he look at his girl really closely. " alway do what your heart dictates you and don't let anyone ever tells otherwise." Alex was puzzled at her fathers words and felt a strong pang in heart as his delivered them.And so he excused himself from the rest of the guest and before heading to his room he asked the Eleonor to bring him a chamomile tea. The maid nodded affirmatively and headed to the kitchen to prepare his tea.

They mingle around forever 30 minutes when Alex excuse herself to the lady room. Micheal watched her go and discreetly followed her minutes later. As she was heading of the restroom she collide with Micheal.

" What are you following me now?" Alex said curtly.

" was going to have a word with the old man before i go." He said smugly.

So he knocked and open the door with get the ok, and close the door behind him. When entering the room the made was standing there Like a statue with a cup of tea on her hand. " I am sorry Christopher I wanted to.... " he was struck silence when he notice the maid catatonic state. " Hey ! I will like to have a word with Christopher if you will excuse us?" he said still puzzle that she didn't even blink. Finally she turned slowly with tears in her eyes. " I think he dead." she said almost in a hypnotic state.

" What?" He said stunned. The maid slowly stated walking out the room promptly Micheal went behind her.Reaching out the door Alex was coming of of one of the rooms and saw Eleanor state and approached her when suddenly Micheal materialize also same horrid expression.Eleanor started openly crying.

" What the hell did you do to her?" Alex ask furious. Micheal didn't answer.

" I will call Mrs. Cabot.." Eleanor said and rushed downstairs.. In no time Alise was upstairs and in the room .Alex still out in the hallway having a staring match with Micheal when she heard her mom scream. She immediately try to get passed Micheal but he held her back.

“ get out of my way Micheal!” Alex said with a menacing look.

“ Alex you shouldn’t go in there.” Micheal was Holding Alex back.

‘Get your felty hand of me and get out of my way.” Alex repeat more forcefully and shrugging herslef of his grasp.

Olivia heard the comotion downstair and quickly went up the flight of stairs to see Micheal grabbing Alex.

“ Hey hey! hand off buddy!” Olivia said reaching the two on the hall way.She took his hand off Alex and Alex took the chance to enter the room.

“Stay out of this!This is a family matter you don’t belong here!” Micheal said with venom hetched in his voice.

“ Neither do you!” Olivia said getting up in his face.

“ Well, I will be now the daddy is dead.” He said with a snicker in his vioce and Olivia blood run cold. “Oh God Alex!” She made a movement to cross when Micheal once again block her. “ Look you piece of shit get out of the way our I WILL move you!” Olivia said grabbing him by his expensive suit and slamming him against the wall. Olivia quickly entered the room to find Mrs,Cabot in tears and Alex on the bed hugging her father dead body.Olivia was paralyzed in place the site was heartbreaking and she was dying inside for Alex.

“I don’t understand dad. Why? why did you have to go? Like this? WHY?” By this time Alex was visiably crying with her hand in his chest asking questions he can no longer answer. “ Did you know?” Alex question was directed at her mother who looked devasted by the turn of events.” You knew about this and you didn't tell me!” Alex was getting loud her grief and devastation laced in the tone of her vioce.Alex had gotten up from her fathers side and was now shaking her mother for answers. Olivia went and took a hold of Alex and tried to calm her down. “Alex, Alex sweetie calm down the doctor should be here soon and we can ask him all does questions.”Alex relented her hold on the older woman and turned to Olivia instantly burying her face in her arms and Olivia hold her for dear life.

To be cont............

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December 31st, 2009

05:25 pm - Bridges of Love- 4
Chapter 4*****************

As soon as Alex was out of the office she headed straight to the grocery store to get what she needed for dinner. Upon entering her apartment she quickly took a shower and got into comfortable clothing, black slacks and a baby blue button down sweater. Heading to the kitchen she made a u-turn to check her messages, she noticed the she had one new messages in her machine.

. ' 1 saved message, main menu:: to listen to your message press 1...BEEP! " Hey Honey, I just called to say, hi and I am looking forward to dinner with you and Olivia... your mom told me about the guest and I have to say it’s the only part of the night I'm not looking forward too, but anyways see you tomorrow and say hi to Olivia for me...I love you.. bye...BEEP! 'End of massages...no more messages...

Sighing she turned and headed towards her kitchen to prepare dinner. Alex decided to make some Italian Meat Lover's Lasagna, garlic bread and tossed salad on the side. 'Who am I kidding is about the only dish I know how to do well‘ Alex thought deciding to be realistic to herself. She should have everything just about done in about 1 hour. Looking at the digital clock on her range she concluded it was more the enough time, so she started her task.

45 minutes later Alex was about finished with dinner. Olivia was due any minute and so she skips to the bathroom to touch and wash up, she didn’t want to smile like garlic and spices. She was almost done when she heard the ringing of the downstairs bell. Finishing she hurried to let Olivia in.

“Hello, who is there?" She said smiling to herself knowing who it was already.

“Det. Benson N.Y.P.D Open up!" Olivia said trying to be as serious as humanly possible. All the while grinning like an idiot.

"Do you have a warrant?" Alex said playing around.

“I have a Badge and a big gun.... and cuffs” Olivia said all along indulging in very specific visions.

“Oh Lord! That should grant you access anywhere." Alex said sure that Olivia could hear her giggles
through the speaker. "Come on up." And so Alex released the lock. Looking at herself in the mirror close to the entrance of the apartment she mad ensured she was looking descent.

'DING DONG' came the sound of the door bell. Alex opened the door and smiled at her guest who was carrying a bag in one hand and a bouquet of assorted flowers in the other.

Greeting Alex with a smile she handed Alex the flowers and the bag that was a bit heavy. Alex notice by the shape and size it was some kind of alcohol beverage. 'Wine.. she so thoughtful' Alex silently appreciated before she actually voiced it, "Cabernet Franc 2006 ...wow. Nice this kind of red requires a scavenger hunt,. Should go nice with dinner.”

“I got it as a gift, never opened it when I found the price tag." Olivia revealed with a slight shrug. “So it smells good in here, watcha cooking?” Olivia sniffs the aroma emanating true out the apartment.

“Meat Lasagna with French garlic bread and salad." Alex said gently folding the impeccably white kitchen towel and laying over her forearm waiter style hand on hip and wearing an accomplished smile.

“How come you don't cook more often?" Olivia was curious.

“Well First of all I don't have the time to cook all the time as you perfectly know; second this is one out of 3 recipes I know how to do well, third and most important I have no one to impress with my culinary art." She finished reverting her sight elsewhere.

“So are you trying to impress someone tonight?" Olivia asks hopefully and chastised herself for it at the same time. 'don't get cocky know Benson." She warned herself mentally she was looking for the slightest of hints.

"Maybe." Alex answered back. “So let eat. Go sit and I will bring everything out." Alex started moving around the kitchen Olivia thought she looks beautiful and all homey like sexy Betty Crocker.

Alex had laid out a nice spread Olivia was delighted and in between groans of pleasure coming from Olivia every time she took a bite, Alex was satisfied that she had done a good job and maybe did impress the brunette after all, who was she kidding everything she does she uses the brunette as inspiration, even in her job.

“Do want some more wine?" Alex asks on her way to the kitchen to put away their dinner plates.

“Sure I'll have another glass....Thanks” She said when Alex return with her glass one for herself.
“Come let’s go to the living room." Alex suggested and they relocated to the couch.

“So you were saying that you sometimes go to the Hampton on vacations?" Olivia continued a conversation they were having at the dinner table.

“Yes my dad has an estate in East Hampton South of the Highway. I used to go all the time before I started with the DA office. I haven’t been there in a long time. I would like to take you there sometime."

"I will love too." Olivia said excitedly and looking into blue crystal eyes that shine likes sapphires.

“Plus dad has a collection of ancient wine bottles in the cellar. We can get anciently drunk."

By know they got so comfortable that they relatively close to one anothers face, all giggle and laughter gone. Alex brought a slender hand to Olivia cheek and caressed it, Olivia eyes closed involuntary at the contact , relishing Alex soft touch she left her mind gallivant forward and submerge her imagination to how it will feel to kiss those lips, when she realize the her imagination was getting a little two realistic. Gently opening her eyes she realized that she was actually in a lip lock with the blonde and Alex was very active participant. The kiss ended and they separated by mere millimeters, “I’m sorry." Olivia said softly.

“For what?" Alex asked.

“I got carried away Alex I...." Alex put a finger on her lips to stop her for going any father.

“I am not, plus I kissed you back. I have wanted to kiss like forever!" Alex admitted with no sign of regrets.

“Me too." Olivia confessed.

“Well let’s not stop now!" Alex proposed.

“Let’s not." Olivia concurred.

They moved closer once again in a soft slow exploratory kiss that left the both tingling in the most unusual places. They separated because the need for oxygen was vital.

“Liv? Stay with me tonight?"

“Alex... I ... I don't know if thats a good idea." Olivia said regretfully she didn’t want to mess things up by going too fast.

“We can just sleep Liv, I need you close tonight, I want you to hold me." Alex added looking intensely in Olivia brown ones.

“Ok." How can she deny this woman anything?

Alex quietly got up and expended her hand to Olivia who promptly took it and let Alex drag her to the bedroom.

And so they both cuddle up in each other that night and snuggled into one another and give in to the delicious slumber.

To Be Cont.........


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December 30th, 2009

04:09 pm - Bridges of Love 3
Bridges of Love

Alex/Olivia- Femslash

Chapter 3

Mr. Christopher arrived home and went straight to his office and closed the door behind him. Going straight to his desk, he opened a drawer and took out some keys then he open a safe deposit box and took out some documents, he revised them and proceed to make a phone call.

Hello, Cabot Associates how can I help today? Answered the secretary of the firm.

Hello Magda It s Chris, is Thomas available? He asks the secretary.

Yes Sir He is in, I will connect you right away " The secretary promptly switched line.

Hey, Christopher, how you feeling? Thomas was Mr. Cabot s only confident that handled all his legal items and he sometimes was an ear for personal ones.

I don't have much time Tom, I need to get these papers in order. Can you come over in an hour?"

Yes sir I will be right there." Tom said hanging up the phone.

Mr. Cabot went back to his desk and with pen and paper to start writing two hand written Letters.

16 th Precinct********

"I am heading out to lunch. What about you?" Olivia asked her Partner Elliot Stabler.

I am going to grab a sandwich and head home to pick up Kathy. We have a parents meeting at Dickie's school. He replied while straightening his desk.

Oh ok, I am going to see if Alex wants to grab a bite or something."

Or something?" Elliot asks with mischievous in his tone.

Don t start this shit Elliot. She warned.

" What shit? The one you re always pulling when you talk about Cabot?"

"It's complicated El she is my best friend I don't want to jeopardized that for a love the might be one side."

You don't know that Liv." Elliot tried.

No, but I am not willing to take the risk of losing her forever because of it." Olivia admits.

All I am saying is life is short and you deserve to be happy Liv. It will eat you up inside if you keep it in." Elliot concluded.

Speaking of eating, let me go before time is up and I have to be back." She waved good bye and headed in the opposite direction towards the ADA's office. Before reaching Alex s office Olivia decide to call and see if Alex wanted to grab some lunch.

Alex heard her cell phone ring and fetched for her desk." Hello." came the smooth voice Olivia loved so much.

Hey! I was wondering if you wanted to grab some lunch?"Olivia asked as she walks along.

That would be nice, but I have a ton of paper work I need to finish." Alex said regretfully.

Well I can bring you something from across the street if you like?" Olivia said hopeful that she can at least spend some time with Alex.

That would be wonderful!" Alex said cheerfully.

How about a Turkey club?" Olivia suggested knowing how much she like that particular sandwich.

You know what I like." Alex answered amazed at the ability Olivia has remembering what she liked.

I ll be there in a few." Olivia finished with a giggle. Hanging up the phone she crossed the street to the deli.

25 Minutes later Olivia came in Alex office with bags in hand crossing over to the coffee table sat the bags down. "Office service." She announced with a smile.

Thanks." Alex said smiling and approaching the brunette Detective. Taking a seat in the small office couch they sat to eat their lunch at talk.

All too sudden there was a knock on the office door once again. Alex looks at Olivia and shrugged.

"Come in." Alex didn't like her lunchtime interrupted especially if she was sharing it with her favorite detective.

In came a distinguished young man wearing an expensive suit great smile and clean cut Olivia had never seen before. Alexandra how nice to see you!"

"Michael! What on earth brought you to this side of the city?" Alex said surprised and a little disconcerted.

"Well I was on business in the building and I dropped by to say hi and talk about something with you...Alone?"
Michael sported his million dollar smile. "And we ll have two coffees." He directed himself at Olivia who was still sitting in the couch.

Excuse me?" Olivia said annoyed and standing up from the couch. As she stands he saw that she was sporting a weapon and badge on her belt.

Michael this is Detective Olivia Benson, Olivia this Michael Betancourt, a Family Friend." Alex introduced. Olivia said nothing, she just gave him a death glare and she could not say she was pleased to meet him because she wasn't.

I m in a time crunch here so make it snappy." Alex said moving behind her desk. Olivia, can you wait a minute we need to finish what we were working on." Olivia nodded.

I will be right outside." She said heading out the door. Once the door was closed. Michael started. "She has a bit of an attitude, doesn t she?" Michael commented.

Michael, what do you want?" Alex asked exasperated.

Well come on now Alexandra that s no way to greet an old fling." He said with a smarmy smile.

Old Fling? We went on one date a year ago, I would hardly call that a fling Michael." Alex said in disbelief.

And if I remember correctly at my Mother's insistence, so get off your high horse." Alex finished crossing her arm over her chest.

"Yes, well Mother's knows best." He replied smugly.

"Well that s your opinion not mine. I pick my own mate and who I will spend the rest of my life with and Michael, that definitely is not you. And you will have the courtesy of leaving now brcause I have work to do." Alex said dismissing him.

We will see about that Alexandra." He said and turns on his heel and walks out the door.

Outside the office Olivia was reeling walking up and down the length of the waiting area. What the hell is taking so long? she thought as she move up and down when she suddenly heard the door open and out came Mr. Arrogant. He smugly walks up to the detective. "Detective." he says squaring of his shoulders. Try not to keep my Alexandra to busy, we have a rather important night tomorrow." He said with a sinister smile.

As far as I know she's having dinner with her parents, to which I will also be attending." Olivia was satisfied when the smug immediately fell off his face.

She will never choose you. You can't give her what i can." He finished all the muscles around his face tensing. I am Smart, Talented,  Unique Person In Demand." He delivered with all the pride he could muster.

"Oh really! Well I have to agree with you 100%." Olivia smiled as she made calculations in her mind and continued. "Beause if I am correct, you take the first letter of every word it spells out STUPID." She walked off and into Alex office.

'Bitch! ' Was his last thought as he stomps down the corridor.

"Hey I was starting to think you left." Alex said as soon as she saw Olivia walk back in her expression a little tense.

I said I would wait." Alex sensed Olivia s response was different.

"Want to continue eating Lunch?" Alex asks as a mean to get back the easiness they had before they were interrupted.

"Na.. I lost my appetite. Liv Replied. Hands deep in her pockets.

"Let me make it up to you. Come to my place tonight and I will make you dinner." Alex propose hopeful that she won't be turned down.

You can't cook Alex." Olivia said giggling.

How do you know I can't cook? You ve never seen me cook." Alex said in her defense.

"Exactly you re the take out queen." Olivia smiled at this.

We ll see about that!" Alex challenged.

Should I bring something Tums, Maalox, Pep-to Bismol?" Olivia s grin was noticeable now. Alex adores that smile even if it was at her expense.

Just bring yourself." Alex finishes also smiling.

"Ok I'll call you later? Olivia was about to walk off when Alex calls out to her.

"Liv." Alex got up and walked toward the detective, closing the distance she kissed her softly in the cheek. Thank you for Lunch."

Your welcome." Olivia said softly eyes glowing. bye." she turned and left.

Behind Alex s closed door Olivia rested her body against the door. 'Jesus! that woman is going to undo me.' she thought as she leapt from the door and heads back to work, at least she had a night to look forward to.

To be cont.........

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December 27th, 2009

10:39 pm - Bridges of Love ch-2

Bridges of Love -Chapter 2

" Hey Mom Good morning to you to." Alex send rolling here eye she loved her mom very much but sometimes she can drive her up a wall.

" Good Morning Darling i was just about to give you a call." Alise said while pinning a broach to her expensive ensemble of the day.

" So what were you going to call me about?" Alex ask curiously.

"Stop acting like it's some kind of rarity that i am calling" Alex mother replied defensively.

" Oh but it is, Mom!" Alex reply was sarcastic but yet reserved.

" You work 24/7 I can't even get in contact with you on week days..anyway I want you to come for Dinner tomorrow night, were having some Guest I want you to meet."

"Guest?" Alex ask she was smelling conspiracy already.

" Yes remember Micheal Betancourt anf his parent ? there going to be here and he has been asking about you every time I see him in my charity Functions."

" Mom you have to stop playing matchmaker is why i don't accept none of your invitations." Alex esasperated.

"Alex you are not getting any younger and we want to see some Grandchildren before I'm laid to rest." Alise know that was low but i was worth a try.

" Their is no Option for children in my life right now Mom and you know it so knock it off Already! By the way my heart is already taking." Alex concluded with a smile.

"well the you should bring him along let me mister wonderful."

" I will and let me fore warn you it's a she." Alex said waiting for her mothers tirade.

"Alexandra I thought we talked about this infatuation of yours." Alise said not happy about what she was hearing.

"No mom you talked." Alex said resolutely she was going to stand her ground when it comes to her private life. "And you will show her some respect or you won't see me at dinner ever again."

" Will at least don't embarrass me while the guest are here." Alex mother released a breath.

" I'll try.bye Mom."Alex hang up the phone.

ADA'S Office*************

Alex was at here desk doing her routine paper work when she her a knock on her door.

"come in." She said to her visitor.

Olivia sneak her head in the door before fully walking in. Alex looked up and smile when she saw Olivia looking stunning as always with all her working gear in place Alex could look at her for a lifetime and not get tired of the view in front of her.

'Hey you!' Olivia greeted with a smile.

"Hi Liv." Alex said returning the smile.

" I was calling you this morning early but your phone was busy." Olivia taking a seat right in front of Alex desk.

" That most have been when i was talking to mom." Alex confided.

" How is she?" Olivia politely asked.

" Same as always, she want me to come to Dinner tomorrow." Alex said looking straight into Olivia eyes.

" Oh! So are you going?

" well i accepted with one condition." Alex said getting up from behind her desk and walking closer to Olivia.

" What condition was that?" Olivia was curious. Alex and her Mother had a very restricted relationship on like her fathers and she often wondered why.

" That I can bring my own guest." Alex said finally a hint of a smirk in her face.

Olivia's expression fell but she covered it well or so she thinks, Alex is going on a date to dinner at mom and dad's."Oh" She finally said with head hanging down. Alex Move forward and put her hands under Olivia chin to bring it up, when she look into does brown eyes she said " and your my guest." Olivia face light up for just couple a seconds before it went grim again.

" Alex your Mom don't really like me. Are you nuts ?" Olivia was wearing a worried expression.

" Liv my mom is trying to throw me to the wolfs and will be damn if she is going to dictate who i should choose to be my soul mate." Alex said with firmness in her tone.

" Plus my heart is already taking and I told her the munch, so you need to save me Liv." Alex same wearing her puppy dog eyes.

Olivia could no say no to does eyes. ' wait did she just said her heart was taking?' Olivia eyebrows frown in confusion Alex haven't mention anyone. How could she have missed this. Will that person be there? She had to find out who this person was make sure he/she was right for Alex.

"Ok I 'll go with you." Olivia said with renew bravery but also with dread.
Alex leap up and extended her arm and Olivia got up and dive right into them hugging the blonde.

" My hero." Alex said softly against Olivia shoulder. They separate and Olivia give her a smile.

" I have to get to the squad, see you later anything call me." Olivia turned and walk out of the office a million thought swimming in her head.

Christopher Alexander Cabot sat in the waiting room wait to be called in. Looking through old issues of national geographic's when he heard the nurse called " Christopher A. Cabot?" He got up and the nurse " room 101 to your left." So Christopher head to the direction indicated. Upon entering the small office she met with a distinguish looking older man.

" Hello Dr.Amin." Christopher greet the doctor and shook his hand.

" Have a seat Christopher." Indicated the Doctor take his stethoscope from around his neck.

" Your result are back and the findings are not what i hope for." Declared the Doctor.

To Be Cont..........

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03:46 pm - NewFic
Bridges of Love

cabotfit-ish 70 /svuiconess70


Summary: Alex and Olivia shared a close friendship. Despite being deeply in love with one

another, they keep their feelings secret, each afraid to lose the friendship they

have now. When an event hits too close to home, they are forced to confront

their feelings.
***************Chapter 1

"Liv, come on! He likes you-- I know it."

" And I like him too, but what is he going to thinkabout me going to all your family meetings?"

" Well… that your very important to me.You’re my best friend, Olivia."

"OK, OK I'LL GO!" Olivia gave in easily.She really wanted to go,but she want to give Alex theoption of going by herself if she wanted.. She really liked Alex’s dad. He was a nice, honest, simple man. Despite all his power and money, Christopher Alexander Cabot, lll was a very humble man.

"Thank you, sweetie!" Alex said jumping up and hugging Olivia.

'”So where is this gathering taking place? I want to know the dress code."

"Olivia, you have a great sense of style—a dress or pants suit will do fine."

" Alight, i 'm going to the squad and start my day. So I will meet you?"

"Uh... about 2:30. I have to stop by my place, so why don't you pick me up pick me up, and we’ll go from there?"

" I'll see how I can work it out, Munch owes me so I’ll switch with him. I’ll call 
you about 1:00 to confirm. "

"Alright… later then," Alex said watching Olivia head toward the door.

Alex and Olivia have been friends through their work for three years , but for both the outward professional nature of their friendship belied a deeper feeling. To any other they appear good friends, but in each of their hearts lay deeper feelings than either are they keep hidden for fear of destroying what they have already built. In the past three years Alex has introduced Olivia to family members including her father and mother Alise Varnes Cabot. Olivia wastouched to be invited into Alex’s family. It meant a lot to her to be included in their warmth, but also gave Olivia the opportunity to see another side of Alex. Olivia noted the bond between Alex and her father--something Olivia wished shedd had.

Christopher Alexander Cabot and Alise Varnes Cabot’s Home

Christopher sat in his elegant studio attending to a phone call when Mrs.Cabot entered the studio carrying a cup of tea, which she set on a corner of the antique desk.

" OK, I’llll see you tomorrow for sure." Mr. Cabot finally confirmedwith thecaller and promptly hung up.

" Firm problems,dear?" asked his wife, seeing the worried expression on her husband’s face.

" You know how it is,dear. You leave for an hour and all hell breaks loose," he said with a smile plastered on his face. Slowly getting up from behind his desk, he made his way towards his wife taking her hand in his.

" Sweetie why don't you join us for a late lunch with Alex and her friend Olivia?"

" I can't, Christopher. I have a prior engagement--, that Big Hearts Foundation luncheon—you know, the one for kids with terminal heart disease. I will call her and invite her for dinner this week. Okay?"

" Okay, Darling" he said giving her a tender kiss on the cheek. ' “I am going to head out. I have some errands to run before I meet with Alex."

"Okay dear. Take it easy. You’re looking a little tired.” His wife noticed.

"Certainly dear. See you later." He waved at her as he walked out the door.

Squad -16 Precinct

"Hey Liv, you done with my DD5's?" asked Munch from across the coffee stand.

"Just about, Munch, and stop asking me everything 10 minutes!" Olivia reply with a glare.

"Well, well you’re the one who asked to take off early today. We may have no pending cases, but with this pile of paper work, you should be helping us with your scribble and dump in the out box basket technique." He looked at her over his glasses. "So, where is it that you’re going ,that's so important that you have to leave us in the middle of the day?" asked Munch.

" Just accompanying Alex to a late lunch with her dad," Olivia said finishing the last of the DD5s.

" Aha!" Munch exclaimed.

"Aha what?" Olivia sniped back.

"Why you and not us?" Munch said jokingly.

"Here are your DD5s, Munch." Handing over the paper work to Munch she took a glance at her watch. It was 5 minutes to one o'clock. Picking up her cell phone from a top her desk she walked to the locker to get her jacket and dialed a familiar number.

Alex Apartment *********************

Alex was coming through the door when she heard her cell phone ring. After ishing it out of her bag, she managed to answer while juggling the huge case load of paper work she brings home most nights.


"Hey, where are you?" asked the detective through the phone.

"I just got in. And you?"

" I am just heading out," answered Olivia cheerily. " I will be there in an hour, I'm going home to take a shower, so see you in a bit."

" Perfect! See you in a few," Alex said, the happiness evident in her voice. Ending the phone call and skipping like a 10 year old, she went in the direction of her bedroom . 

Olivia's Apartment************************ 

Olivia headed right to the shower as soon as she entered her apartment. She was looking

forward to a carefree? Pleasant? Passionate? (just something more descriptive than nice)_afternoon with the best company in the world, the woman that she secretly

loved and held dear. A couple years into the friendship with Alex, Olivia realized that her feelings for

Alex ran deeper than just friendship--she was head over heels for that woman. She admitted it

to herself years ago but was afraid of how Alex might react if she were to confess the depth of her feelings. She was too afraid of ruining everything they have achieved as friends to risk broaching the possibility of romance.

Getting out of the shower wrapped in a towel, Olivia searched her closet opting for black dress pants with a suede deep wine-colored jacket that grazed her hips over a silky cream dress shirt and finished the ensemble with black low heel boots. Olivia added a spritz of her favorite perfume, a touch of soft make-up, and her slightly spike crop hairstyle, and she was ready to go.


It was 1:45 pm by time Olivia reached Alex’s apartment building. Olivia slid her classic Mustang into an open parking spot, and securely locked it before heading in to the building.

Alex was finishing her make-up when she heard the ring in the intercom, With a click of the buzzer, she answered, " Yes?"

"It's me, Alex. Let me in?" Hearing the release she made her way to the elevator and to Alex’s floor.

Upon reaching her destination, she rang one more time. The door open seconds later and the sight that greeted her stole her ability to breathe correctly. Alex was wearing wool trouser pants that fit like latex gloves to her slim frame and a long-sleeve silk dress blouse that fanned out slightly from the waist the front held together by 3 buttons, and baby pink and silver strappy heels. Olivia thought she was ravishingly beautiful. Realizing she was drooling like a dog with rabies, Olivia rapidly closed her gaping mouth. " You look amazing.... you ready?"

Finally Olivia was able to form a couple of words.

"Thank you and yes, let me get my purse." As Alex walked back in the direction of her bedroom,

Olivia indulged in the view that the trousers provided from Behind 'Good Lord' Olivia thought to herself.

Arriving at Lattanzi Ristorante, they proceed into the dining area and immediately Alex spotted her father at a table near a window. She announced her name to the maitre’d and was directed to their table. Smiling, Christopher Alexander Cabot greeted his daughter and company.

"Hello lovely ladies."

"Hi dad," Alex said hugging kissing her dad on the cheek."

"Olivia, how lovely to see you again! Come on and have seat.” He proceed to pull out the chair for Olivia as the Maitre’d did the same for Alex.

"How have you been sir?" Olivia said taking a seat and smiling at her host.

"Good, but call me Chris I think we’ve known each other long enough."

"OK sir, I mean Chris.” Olivia smiled.

Alex’s dad ask her about the job briefly and how she was doing. They engaged in light conversation and stories of Alex as a child that Olivia found very amusing but not surprising in the least. Alex was a spitfire even as a little girls and had a penchant for pushing the boundaries and defending her actions with frustratingly airtight arguments even then. (or something describing her childhood) Even though he spoke enthusiastically about her younger year Olivia sensed a hint of melancholy in his voice that was not there before.

They enjoyed their five course meal and after several light cocktail drinks despite not being heavy on the alcoholOlivia found herself needing a bathroom break and excused herself to the restroom.

"She is amazing friend —a definite keeper," he said smiling at his girl.

"Yes, she is the best!" Alex replied with pride.

“Honey I..." Her father started, but stopped to think how to best word what he had to say to his only daughter.

."What is it Dad?" Alex asked a little concern.

"I just want you to know that I always wanted what best for you." He raised his had to stop Alex from talking.

"Let me finish..." Grasping his daughter’s hands, he continued."I know how selective you are at making friends and getting close to people. You’re also a good judge of character. I guess I just want to say that…I love you no matter what and that I'm proud of you in every sense of the word—with your perfectness and im-perfectness—and that will never change.”
Alex frown a little. She was touched by her dad’s sentiments, and although she’d heard those words a million times, for some reason they felt different this time around and filled her a feeling she could't really put her finger on.

"I know Dad, you have been the greatest father in the world, and I love you too, and I'm very proud of you also." Alex said with glassy eyes.

"Thank you, Honey." he said patting her hand and sipping on his mineral water.

Olivia returned from her short trip from the ladies room and sat down immediately noticing Alex glassy expression, She wondered what transpired while she was in the bathroom. As soon as Olivia return Alex excused herself and took her turn in ladies room to compose and refresh herself.

"Olivia, this will give me an opportunity for us to chat," he said smiling at her.

"Of course. What will you like to talk about?"

"My daughter," he replied in a with serious tone.

Olivia tuck and audible gulp. Why she did really know but by his tone of voice she new he had or at least had something to say.) not really sure what you’re trying to say here.

"I know how close you and my daughter are. She might think of me as an old man living in caveman years, but the truth is that I'm not blind. I am going to go straight to the point if your intentions for my daughter are what I think they are I want you to promise me that If one day I am not around that you will take care of her."


"No let me finish, please? I need you to promise me that you will be there for her."

" Of course, always! I love..." She caught herself and stopped.

"I know you do.” He finished.

'Weird conversation!' Olivia thought to herself and heard the click clack of Alex approaching to the table.

"Well girls, it's 4:30, and your mom should be home already from her function, and I have things to do tomorrow so i will call it a day. It was a pleasure, Olivia.Alex have a nice rest of the afternoon, and Alex don't forget to call your Mom."

"Yes dad, I will," Alex answered as she accepted a hug and a kiss from her father. Patting Olivia on the shoulded he exited the restaurant.

To be continued.......

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November 7th, 2009

                                                                                             Tamara Tunie/Dr.Warner
Tamara Tunie 6- Tamatoonies

Stephanie March Icons
    5- Smarchies


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November 6th, 2009

11:07 pm - More season 11 Icons

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June 27th, 2009

11:25 pm - Animated wallpaper i made

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April 11th, 2009

11:10 pm - icons

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April 1st, 2009

09:14 pm - wallpaper

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